Put Your Left Shew In

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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This may come as a shock, it certainly did to me, but I’ve met a nice guy. Not the nice guy that turns out to be a dick sucking assholes, but what I believe may be the rare and illusive nice guy.

The Animator and I went out to his friend’s birthday this past week. I use the term friend loosely as this guy is really the Animator’s long-term crush. The party was at Mr. Blacks, my former favorite club. This was another new location and I had yet to see it. I am happy to say that it is now closer to me and not half bad. 
One confession on my part: I kinda met someone online.  Tacky? A little. However, it’s safer to be meeting someone online, and I’m not talking about manhunt here, than it is to be meeting them in bars. At least this way I get to see some pics, a bio, and dig through his friends to weed out any connections that would later prove to be problematic. We’re talking about Shew: The shoe designing Jew. 
I invited Shew to stop by the party since his plans had been cancelled. I was surprised when he made an appearance, probably not my best idea considering how much I had already consumed at the bar. The three of us danced as the Animator tried to get some face time with his ‘friend’. I would later tell him, and several times that night, that he was way too cute to waste time on the birthday guy. On a side note, the Animator dislocated his arm so I may have to start calling him Hulk.
One more bar and it was time to go home. To Shew’s home that is. We made our way back to what would turn out to be his brother’s house. He was watching the place while they were away. Clearly this boy and I are in very different social circles because the apartment was amazing. Some semi-innocent fooling around would lead to sleep. The only problem was that Shew didn’t finish; never has a guy not been able to finish with me. I’m gonna blame it on the alcohol, but I suppose there’s really no way of knowing.
Jumping a few days ahead: Shew and I have been out a couple of times for coffee and conversation. I was highly impressed that he could remember how I take my Starbucks after only one previous encounter. That right there meant he was gonna be getting laid. We did end up at his place that night on the Upper East Side, reaffirming that we are in very different social circles. I’m very Brooklyn and he is definitely City. I predict that this will be an issue if there is a later, but for now there’s no need to worry about it unless he ever wants to see my place.
Now I have officially entered once again into the exciting world of dating where hearts and asses are broken in an instant.