Bar Fight

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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Bar FightDating in any city is like going on job interviews for which you know you’re probably not qualified and unlikely to be asked back for a second meeting. Dating in New York City is like starting yourself on fire and denying you don’t like the sensation. There are millions of single people, most of which seem to be some form a mutant evil meant only to make your evening a living hell. So, when you manage to meet someone that’s nice, not only nice, but pleasant to be around it can throw a person.

On a recent first date with a new gentleman caller I was unusually comfortable. The kind of comfortable you usually feel around friends and drunken crowds of strangers. Where you can share your obnoxious commentary regarding strangers, tell tales from the prior week about work and what pisses you off and not feel judged…and have a good time. This is not how most first dates go, so of course I was intrigued and went back for a second.

Realizing who sits across from me on these dates is the mythical “nice guy” it seems like it would be wise to not make any sudden movements which may scare him off. Instead of doing the typical, best behavior dance, which is acting like you are the person your online dating profile claims you to be, I decided to let it all hang out.

No censor when it comes to off color humor, thoughts regarding strangers and the random things that fall off the end of my tongue. The goal is to avoid the guy only realizing who I am a week or five in and then having to do the always enjoyable, I think we should just be friends conversation. So far, it seems to be working, that or this one has a high tolerance for others from a lifetime of living in the city.

I won’t get ahead of myself, this is completely new and there’s plenty of time for him to head for the hills, but to-date I can’t complain. And that’s a change.