Rent (minus) Control: Bulletproof

Bulletproof is Out Now!

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Ryan is jolted as his former life is brought roaring into the present as death becomes a reality. Returning home to clean up the mess, Ryan does his best to remain stone-faced and emotion free. But can he live through this and be the same person? With each page, Ryan tries using humor to stumble forward and leap past the reality of pain.

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  1. Hi my lovely friend. Have just read Bulletproof and send you l♡ve, congratulations and condolences.
    Your new book I will send you a personal email but will share you’ve got to always allow yourself the freedom of showing your worthyness to write, not belittle your beliefs or thoughts and be open to sharing your life with someone who can and will be a worthy life partner. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your life or happiness.

    I look forward to seeing your journey continue. You are awsome, be YOU and LOVE YOU & the person evolving. Your mom taught you well. As for family & siblings they all can fuck you up emotionally and can be selfish as shit.

    I love you, support you and always room in England for you.


    1. Post

      I have to admit I’ve received a different type of response to this book than expected. Positive, but more tears than I was imagining. I’m glad you enjoyed reading and that I’m still able to entertain you after all of this time. 🙂

      It may just be time for a trip to your side of the pond. Maybe an extended vacation to gather new writing material.