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Russian Reboot

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Drunk ManPutting OkCupid to work and making sure I could have a glass of wine in my evening, I agreed to a date with the Russian Reboot. There’s my friend the Russian, who is actually not Russian, though I didn’t know that at the time of picking the name, and now there is the Reboot.

This person is actually Russian, having been in NYC for about eighteen years. So, yes, that makes him a tad older than myself. There’s no problem there for me…plus it means he will likely pay for the drinks. #EconomicalDrinking

Dates go one of two ways: Either I am nervous or they are nervous. If I’m nervous it means the conversation will be dull as I can’t align my thoughts enough to make jokes or keep the proper timing. If they are nervous it’s an entirely different game – and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Reboot was definitely nervous, going so far as to admit he’s nervous going on dates and meeting new people. There’s no shame in admitting this, but it puts me even more at ease. I was incredibly comfortable, making my semi-inappropriate jokes, laughing and having fun. Right from the start I was in a mellow mood – to be honest the downpour outside had me soaked, my glasses a mess, really what could be worse than looking like crap? Figuring it didn’t matter and the date was more about wine that the person, I remained at ease.

Reboot did his best to keep up and he did ask for a second date. I’m not sure I have actual interest but I’d likely go on another date. If nothing else, he’s a date I can say anything to and he won’t have a snide comeback, if only because there is still some language barrier. Though it will have to wait a while as I have nonstop travel and visitors the next two weeks, all of which should generate some juicy stories.