Same Kinda Crazy

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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A week or so back I mentioned Late Night’s, most likely alcohol fueled, ‘miss you’ text message. Through an endless need to over analyze everything, I’m thinking we may both be using the same defense mechanism and that’s why things are so confusing.

Originally, I thought Late Night was just being an old-fashioned dick. But his recent messages have a familiar tone, format and function. If they weren’t being sent to me, it would easily be able to mistake them for text messages sent by me. The messages are sarcastic, borderline rude, semi-insulting and entertaining enough to keep me intrigued. Realizing this it has become more about besting him on snarky remarks…because I like to win.

What’s come of this realization, assuming that I’m right and the original dick conclusion was wrong, is that we’re both living behind self made walls of denial and defense. This is comforting and removes an enormous amount of stress. Because now it’s no longer about ensuring that Late Night like’s me. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, recent actions seem to be pointing in that direction.

In fact, the sex side of things has been on the decline while the normal human interaction is increasing. Now we face the roadblock that is my personality. Normal interaction doesn’t always go over well – especially since Late Night makes me crazy nervous. I’ve not been able to shake the nerves and it pushes my sarcasm and jokes into overdrive, ensuring that no situation or moment can become too serious.

Nothing has actually changed, it’s still “just fun,” but it’s nice to know that maybe it’s slightly more than a booty call.

“Boy” by 78Violet is a great song and sorta fits the theme here. Enjoy!