R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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            It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen the ex. How familiar is this? How familiar is that? It’s a new year, meaning I have a fresh slate and entire year to make new mistakes.
We all remember The Devil, I only refer to him as the ex now. I don’t even like the way his name feels in my mouth. Yes, I’m that bitter. I’ve been working down in Baltimore and in my travels come across a person or two that know of the ex. I’ve learned several things about him that I can save for a later date if I chose to exact my revenge. I’m a firm believer in; you screw me over, I’ll screw you over. Fortunately, the ex has had some pleasant misfortune that makes me smile every time I think about it. All I will say is that I got my Christmas miracle.
Now that I have ended a dark chapter in my life, along with what was a daunting year, it’s time for some good. I’ve been on my first date of the New Year: Enter The Italian. Our first date was almost 20-hours long! It started with just a simple dinner in a little restaurant in Chelsea. We ended up talking there for several hours before heading towards Midtown. We went to Serendipity for coffee and dessert. I should mention that I was supposed to go with my friends to the club and I feel bad for blowing them off, but it’s so rare when you go on a date and you’re not counting the minutes until it’s over.
We ended up back at my apartment, nothing happened, just a movie followed by some innocent fooling around. I hadn’t realized how late it was until I noticed the sun was coming up. The Italian and I slept well into the afternoon, getting up only to go out for food again. Bringing our two-day date to an end, The Italian made a confession. He moves too fast. Now we have the drama of my internal turmoil. With the ex all I wanted was for him to move faster, now I’ll want this guy to move slower.  
I informed him that I didn’t want to jump head first into anything; I mean I’m fresh off the dating boat. I have some very strong, very angry, emotions to let go before I can actual have another boyfriend. I have in the past jumped into a relationship immediately following a break up. That proved to be a disaster, resulting in me pushing all of my bad feelings onto the person who didn’t deserve them.
There is hope as far as The Italian is concerned. To know that there is someone out there who can spend almost two full days with me and still say that they like how much I talk… wow.