A Series of Random Events

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Dancing to the BeatThis post is going to be Twitter style: A series of short blurbs to share and wrap up some misadventures I’ve been having the last ten days.

Dinner Disaster: Late Night and I had that Gawd awful dinner. We mutually agreed later that as people we hate one another and that we should perform no activities that need to happen outside of the sheets. Apparently, it is true, you will have the best sex with people you dislike. Maybe I should look up the Devil. I hate him the way villagers hate the vampire that lurks over them at night feasting on the weak.

Breaking it Down: Business, Straight Sal and I went to the Ritz. A stranger came up from behind and asked if I wanted to dance, hell yes I did. We were still celebrating my birthday (birth month, anyone?)! This rapidly descended into a dance floor make out session. Everyone seem surprised by my public display of whore. This used to be my normal, when did my dance floor behavior turn conservative? Damn you age?! I can’t recall what the guy looked like, but Business did a Middle Eastern war dry after so he must have been some sort of foreskin bearer.

Boston Time: Why does the straight bar play the great gay music? It means I really stand out when the dancing begins…and it did, even though it was only 8:30 p.m. At the gay bar I was reminded that outside of NYC I’m more attractive and a little man boob can get a bartenders attention. Everyone at home needs to get just a little bit uglier, is it really so much to ask? This was followed by dance floor antics and another stranger asking if I wanted to dance. Mid grind he asks how old I am, 28, to which he says, “I would have guessed 25.” Ok, weird, and thanks liar. But then he told me his age: 21. My jaw fell open and I walked away. When the hell did they start letting kids into the bar?! I’m under the impression that everyone is the same age as myself or older. The above photo is from one sexy beast who knew how to work a pole that night. #Idolize.