Sexy Business

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Meeting people in bars isn’t really my thing. Now and again there is a little casual conversation, but generally I’m with friends so I don’t truly engage. Tonight was different.

My boss and I sat at the bar of a restaurant that we frequent, me drinking a beer and my boss chatting away on his phone. The man next to me was busy with chicken wings and felt compelled to speak. First he said hello. Out of politeness I replied with a, “hello.” Then he told me about the food, asked where I was from, inquired as to why I was a the bar and even who was the man on the phone.

All was more than regular… I thought. Half an hour later he asked for my number and prepared to leave. This was a shock as we were no where near a gay bar and he didn’t look like a closet case. Reluctantly I gave up my number – I’m in a foreign city, what could it hurt. You never really believe you’ll hear from anyone you give a number out to…I’ll be damned if he didn’t text me within an hour.

I am pro sexy adventure and less interested in dating, so as the texts began to transition into the world of sexts I started to get cocky. He flirted, I flirted and then I told him to come over. As soon as I sent the text I felt my heart jump into my throat. What was I thinking, who was this person?!

Hook ups are awkward, let’s be honest. It’s made even worse when you’re totally sober and the person is standing in front of you. Gay hook ups can be even more difficult. Who makes the first move, what if you’re both aggressive? It runs the risk of turning into an endless loop of kissing and hair pulling!

It went well, but let me point out why this was actually a sexy adventure. Other than the fact that most New York City boys wouldn’t be caught dead running around in a hat and jersey. Straight-ish boys are a plus. Also, boys outside the city don’t need constant affirmation of how amazing they are and how cute. I of course do live in the city so I need this attention which Jersey was happy to provide without prompting. Two thumbs up for the out-of-town hotel fun.

Now we have to wait and see if he texts for seconds, or if he is truly like a straight-hump-and-chuck kinda guy.