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All Shoes Are Not Created Equal

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Nike Lunarfly 306I love to run. Every day I hit the East River Park and the treadmill at the gym around the corner. When picking shoes it was generally those that didn’t pinch the hell out of my toes and looked half decent the drew my attention. Until now.

Yesterday, I took home a pair of the Nike Lunarfly 306. The look is simple, which is a selling point for me. Black mesh, gray straps and a solid sole. It was too late to try them by the time I got home so this morning I was itching to get to the gym.

Here’s what I can say about these shoes – post use. I love them! The sole is thick enough to cushion my feet and save my knees from the strain of bouncing along on the treadmill. The mesh upper portion is breathable so it doesn’t feel like a tiny foot sauna. The straps adjust without squeezing your feet and applying unpleasant pressure points.

The overall lightness of the shoes allows for there to be no drag.

Meaning you can push yourself a little harder and run a little faster without even noticing.

On a shoe scale of one to five, one being awful and five being amazing, I have to give the Lunarfly 306 a FIVE.

Not only do I love them, but never will I look at my running shoes the same again. Good job Nike.

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