Sick Satisfaction

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Society says that we shouldn’t take pleasure from other people’s pain. I’m happy to say that this is one more way that I break with the conventions of public opinion.  I revel in the misery of others, that I feel deserve what they’ve gotten.
Would it surprise anyone if I said that I was happy to hear The Devil was having relationship problems? I highly doubt anyone would bat an eye at the topic. Well, it’s better than that. Relationship karma is punishing him with a vengeance. I believe that my punishment for treating Biker Boy poorly was The Devil. I believe that The Devil’s punishment for treating me poorly is his current “boyfriend”.
With a late night instant message The Devil and I were talking again. We have some sort of frienemiship that is functional to the point that we can converse. He told me that he and the new boyfriend were over. What was my initial reaction? I laughed for ten full minutes and almost peed my pants. It was no surprise, but it was just nice to hear that he wasn’t getting a happy ending after what had happened between us.
The best part came when he told me about the relationship and the fighting. He mentioned how much easier I was to deal with, and that he was always jealous of the attention I got when we went out. At that point I was given the closure I had waited months for. After The Devil had tossed me out in the snow for reasons I didn’t understand, I got what I needed. To make it clear, he has given a number of reasons (not directly to me) for why he dumped me. One was that he wanted me to learn a lesson about recreational drug use. I thought that was an interesting one considering he’s the one that introduced me to drugs in the first place. Then there was the excuse that I was too immature. What else was there… I was too young, too pretty, etc. I was a whole lot of too much for him.
In a way I feel bad for The Devil. His current “boyfriend” is doing everything he did to me. Blowing him off, saying he doesn’t want to be too serious, and every other ridiculous excuse for not wanting to date someone. The funny thing is, even though all of this is just what The Devil did to me, he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see that this guy is just an older version of him; no, he’s “madly in love”.
I gave The Devil honest advice. I told him the guy isn’t into him and that he should just hop online and look for his next trick. I know he’ll pursue this guy to the point of a restraining order because he’s “all about the chase”.  There were a total of three days that we instant messaged about the topic, and they’re not officially broken up. However, after the emails that were forwarded to me, they may as well be. I would place a hundred dollar bet that his ginger “boyfriend” is giving head to at least three other people.
I’m happy that I got what I needed. I feel slightly bad that The Devil screwed himself over without learning a lesson. His next relationship will be the one that could be good, but knowing him, he’ll toss the guy and move onto another asshole. To The Devil I say good luck in your endless cycle of breakups and heartbreaks.