Sleepovers and Stress

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Dating is a term so loosely and wildly used in description of connections between people it can be difficult to know what it means. If you have a second date, is that dating? If you live with someone, is that dating? Having no idea at which point the occasional meeting moves from being nothing to something, we will call what I’m doing with the Physical Therapist a light form of dating.

With any form of dating comes personal, erratic behavior. The types of things you do in order to portray that great version of yourself with just enough touches of the real you to not be completely fake. Things with PT have been particularly good in the personality area, as he seems grounded and not offended by political incorrectness, meaning there’s not much to hide. However, when it comes to human behavior, such as: sex, sleepovers, etc. I’m as crazy as ever.

It started after the first time we slept together. PT did ask me to spend the night, and I wanted to, but then he’d get a glimpse of what I’m like at night. No, I’m not worried about drooling on his pillow and waking up with bad breath, that’s going to happen either way.

“You must have had a busy day.”
A sleepover means PT would see I wake up ten times a night to get up and pee, see me toss and turn for two or three hours before falling asleep, and lay witness to my inability to cuddle in bed because it’s too damn hot. That’s a lot of pressure one week in even if it’s only in my head.

Making the decision that night to go home I thought the following day I’d perhaps decided wrong. PT spent the next two days being far less communicative than he had been prior to the sex. Of course, my mind raced to the place where you assume the person has lost interest now they’ve seen you naked. It took another day before a very minor technology glitch proved this was all self-made stress when a message from iMessage on the computer didn’t make it to PT’s phone.

Later in the evening he sent a text, “You must have had a busy day.” Once I realized he never received the message and was just as anxious over being left hanging as I, it was a huge relief. Instead of thinking PT is the casual guy who can play off dating as no big deal I have the impression he may just be as high-strung on the idea.