Smush it All in!

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Summer is practically over, and I’ve more or less stayed away from writing. Not intentionally of course, but somehow the days are passing by with such haste that there’s never a moment to sit, breathe and word vomit all over the internet. So, I found some time and we have a lot to cram in from the last two months.

Let’s start with my Spain pains. There was a post or two in June about my gallivanting around Spain. After a month aboard, I went back for what was to be another five weeks of Spanish good times. That trip started with Baltimore coming along for a week to do some tourist activities and what I enjoy most of all – being in Spain!

However, every morning when I would get up to hit the gym I’d have this nauseous feeling. You’d think it was a hangover, but I’d been fairly light on the drink as I had a stomach which hated me for some unknown reason. We never did figure out what was wrong with me, but I literally vomited my way across hundreds of kilometers of Spanish countryside. I found myself very thankful for the many available trash cans and bushes.

The trip was cut 4 weeks short, not because of my vomit stained face, but because I accepted a new work position that would be better served if I were to wait a few months to complete the trip. Let’s be realistic, I’ll always chase the money.

Back stateside, I had a little bit of a virtual word war with my Straights. If you don’t recall, let me summarize: NYC friends who moved a few times ended up in Seattle and have had a rocky relationship with me for the last two years. To set the stage for this most recent and final encounter, we must rewind to the beginning of 2019. I was traveling to Seattle for work, where the Straights live. I had my hotel booked when lady Straight said she’d get me a suite for the same price at her hotel. Sounded good, so I accepted the offer.

Once in Seattle, the plan was to meet in her hotel lobby for drinks, catch up and then resume our regularly scheduled lives. First night, never heard from her. I assumed she was work busy and went about my evening. I was there two more nights and received not a single text or call. This seemed really strange considering she was the one who encouraged me to stay at her hotel.

Now, maybe this was a final revenge type of situation. The “suite” was a second floor room overlooking a 24-hour parking garage that was very busy and made lots of noise as cars entered and exited. At the end, I sent a thank you text, boarded my flight and didn’t think about it again for seven months. Then I got drunk.

I was in one of those fun/dangerous drunk places where you remember someone pissed you off and go on a mission to confront them. So, I did just that. Lady Straight never responded, she simply blocked me on Facebook. We are very adult people as one of us approaches 40. That friendship is obviously dead, but I still don’t get the point of asking me to stay in a hotel where you work if you wish to not engage. Such odd behavior and a disappointing way to end the storyline.

Then we come to now, where I sit in Puerto Rico typing away from my employer’s apartment. My apartment has a renter, as I’ve been trying to earn a few dollars while off and abroad. I had planned to not renew the lease beyond today when it was scheduled to expire. That was until last Monday when I discovered my mortgage hazard insurance would jump from $89/month to $655/month. See, the insurance company for my building went bankrupt after Hurricane Maria. On this tiny island, there is only a single company willing to provide coverage, so all 169 units of the building are being raped. Oh, money.

Yes, the summer has been full of fallout, vomit and price tags. Let’s see what my birth month holds. C’mon September!