Social Media Will Destroy Your Life

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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On television they are always talking about someone who lost their job or was divorced because they started flashing their cooter or running their mouth on a social media site. I myself have had a blog used against me in court, but it seems everyone is falling victim to the destruction of TMI.

My mother last week discovered her boyfriend of seven years has started cheating. He did so because a lost love found him on Facebook. The woman made the mistake of friending my mother. Once my mother discovered what was happening she left the mistress a public message which read, “Happy Birthday you home wrecking slut.” Fortunately I know my mother’s password and I took this down, changed her password, preventing her from damaging herself in an upcoming court battle as they fight for the house. This leads us into my next social media mess.

Last night, I discovered Grindr can be damaging to more than just the springs of a bed. For the last week I’ve been in a depression funk and hiding out in my apartment. No reason why, just one of those depressions that pops up and you have to wait for it to move on. I forced myself to go out and meet Shew and Foxxy Business. Business had his friend Brian in tote and his enthusiasm was a tad too much. He’s bipolar and had he been on the other end of his personality it would have been perfect for my mood. Anyway, everyone whips out Grindr and starts hunting for penis. Shew flashes me a guy and asks if I knew him. I do, it’s Mr. Kitty. I’ve been seeing Mr. Kitty in a non-serious way for the past two months.

Initially it was funny and I sent Mr. Kitty a text saying my friend had him as a favorite. Fortunately, they’d not hooked up as that would gross me out. I don’t chase leftovers. An hour alter I’m home and watching a movie only to get a text from Mr. Kitty with a copy of Shew’s messages to him. “We should all hang out.” “There are things you should know.” WHAT?! Shew is my friend and I would assume he would remove Mr. Kitty from his favorites and no longer make contact. Instead, he tries to make it so Mr. Kitty will either hook up with him or dislike me. This is not the first time, but it has got to be the last. After two years of backstabbing and manipulation it’s time for the two of us to part ways. I hate to turn my back on one of my friends, but it seems the two of us can’t be friends without constantly tormenting one another.

Though this will all likely go public as being my fault, I don’t care. I called it quits and if that makes me the bitch, well, at least I can proudly keep my title. What I’ve learned is that social media constantly screws me over, even more so than the words that fly out of my mouth. However, I’m an addict and I’ll keep spewing my thoughts and posting them online.