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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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The last twelve months have been crazy hectic, with more change packed in than there’s been in a long, long time.

Having been dating Baltimore for a little over a year now, I’ve been splitting my time between Baltimore (the place) and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is obviously superior, if only for the constant sunshine and warm temperatures. Though, I did leave my cat (Muffin) in Baltimore with Baltimore (the person). It’s officially the first time in five years I’ve been entirely alone. Which is lovely, yet a little weird…

Add to the dating and puss-free life, a career shift. After nearly ten years with the same company I finally felt secure enough to make the leap. The new company is based in Seattle, bringing about an entirely new set of challenges. Beyond being a completely different industry than I previously worked in, there is a four hour time difference between myself and the home office. This seems like no big deal, but when the work day is ending at 9:00 PM it throws off the entire day. We’ll see how I adjust to the schedule, but I can affirm this was the best career choice at this time.

This is obviously not one of my most exciting blogs to date. Honestly, I’ve not written a single word in months. This is an attempt to revitalize my fingers and mind, return to writing, and finish one of the two books I was working on before taking a hiatus. So, with all the change, I’ll try to restore a little of the old and familiar. I have most of the winter to to settle in Puerto Rico and focus on writing! Assuming there are no unanticipated changes around the corner. I mean, these days it seems like the one thing I’m good at is doing the thing I like least – changing!