Stick it in your mouth

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It was probably easy to predict that Late Night was not out of the picture, even though I swore him off in my last post. Alas, one grand-ish gesture and the off is on again.

A few days passed without any communication, in which time I reaffirmed to myself that it was for the best. Then, I awoke one morning to a text, “?” – I wondered what it meant, but didn’t reply, realizing the message had been sent in the middle of the night. It’s generally assumed these are drunk texts. Another surprise came as I started my work day, a call from Late Night. I couldn’t answer due to a conference call, but when he immediately called again I replied with a text. Turns out he was in the middle of a panic attack. Fortunately that passed, but one more surprise was to come.

For the first time ever, Late Night came over to my apartment. Bringing with his mimosas! It worked out that between my meetings we were able to sneak in drinks and a little bit of afternoon delight. Not too bad for a Monday. He did mention I had never invited him over, which is true, but I never was never under the impression that he wanted or would come over. So that’s an interesting development/step forward.

What I’d like is to extinguish this minor issues that keep exploding. It’s likely my fault for being reactive, but Late Night has a magical way of saying the wrong thing to me at just the wrong time. I stand by my comments from Friday and the irritation felt when he didn’t come out to play. For now I’ll move on and we’ll see where it goes next…hopefully somewhere that doesn’t leave me with my foot in my mouth.