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R.B. Winters
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I’ve now been in Spain for a little over two weeks. Outside of the local coffee shop barista and the people in my classes, there’s very little human contact. Time alone is definitely a win in my book, but it was a nice break from my time off from reality when London and his friend came to town for a visit. Well, they came to Santa Pola, a small city about 12 miles south of where I’m staying.

As you’d expect, we had the typical alcohol fueled antics. To that effect, I’m very aware my age is impacting my ability to bounce back from a late night out on the town. What has now become a two day hangover, is also showing itself as some awesome muscle pain and cramps. Not that I’d ever want to be twenty again, but I’d happily take the ability to bounce back the next morning like nothing happened.

Anyway, London asked a question I’ve never had presented. Regarding Baltimore, “any wedding plans on the horizon?” Or something along those lines. No. That is not on the table at this time. It did make me think, is that the direction we’re going? Not that I’ve ever stuck with someone for this long, but is our old married couple behavior possibly moving us towards actual matrimony?

My drunk brain this weekend of course decided it would be a good idea to pick a fight with Baltimore. Though I can’t recall over what or why, but you know how drunk people behave. Poorly. This however happened prior to the wedding question, so I’m not a complete psycho who overreacts. I’m a mini psycho who overreacts and puts it online for others to dissect.

As we approach the two year dating mark, I am now wondering if we’ll be one of those couples that’s together for a massive stretch of time without the legality of a wedding. Or, is it possible that at some point we’ll actual settle down 1950’s style? To be determined. Until then, I can always keep Baltimore on his toes with erratic wine fueled behavior.