"My wife couldn't come.She's got a headache."

Take Your Positions, Please

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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"My wife couldn't come.She's got a headache."This is the point in the conversation where I would warn you that I’m about to over-share…what else is new? Gay sex, that thing, there’s generally a top and a bottom. In some instances you get the vers guy that does both, which I’ve found generally leads to them being a bottom. Vers seems to be more of a cloaking device for a personal shame of being a bottom. I have no shame, clearly.

Having been a bottom pretty much my whole gay life, I found myself in a situation where I was going to be the top whether I liked it or not. Not being a quitter I figured why not go ahead and do it, I mean it’s been like six years since the last time. Maybe things have changed.

So, we did the sex. It was good. It was hard; Like a full on cardio workout that I’d failed to plan for and probably should have done some stretches after. But…there’s always a but, there was one small problem. See, I get really easily distracted and my mind starts to go down a new mental avenue. This happens all the time during sex, and as a bottom it’s incredibly easy to hide. Meaning when things begin to deflate on my end a hand and a rub can give the illusion that all is well, especially when it’s dark and the top is hard at work.

You see the dilemma. Deflating inside of someone is a killer to their ego. I should also probably be embarrassed, though I’m not, which is sort of odd. This problem has happened twice now and the mission is to find a way to concentrate on what’s happening at that moment. I can’t be the only guy this happens to. And if I am, how are you all so focused?! That or I’m secretly straight and have had no idea.