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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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The last few months I’ve been pretty hush hush on the virtual front. Now, after a few months of ridiculous stress, it’s winding down and it’s possible to play the game of hindsight without having a mini stroke.

Late in September, I began the process of purchasing a condo. Of course, it was no surprise  when the bank wanted all personal information, bank statements, tax returns and more. What was frustrating was the individual who was assigned to work with me. The entire process took sixty-five long days, and with the weeks in between of no communication, it was only made more frustrating when the banker would ask for documents which had been provided on day one. It was difficult to tell if this person was simply terrible at her job, or if it was because I’m a customer who isn’t loaded with money to throw their way.

Once the closing papers were signed, it seemed reasonable to think things would be easy from that moment forward. I was so, so wrong. Terra Nova, the company operating the condo building, informed me they needed ten days to build out the walls in the apartment. I made it clear I would be moving in on day eleven, as the apartment I was residing in was now back on the market and needed me out the door.

We are currently passing day forty, I’m living in the condo, and still…still things are not finished. When I moved in it was a little frustrating to say the least. The AC units didn’t work, the showers were missing the heads and drains, the handles were broken on faucets, the sink pipes leaked, doors had not been installed, closets had no racks, and so on.

This is where Terra Nova used the language barrier between us to truly screw me. The unit I purchased is based on the model unit. We had several conversations about setting my unit up to look just like the model. However, in their minds that didn’t include the glass partitions for the showers, the racks for the closet, the enclosure around the AC and some other small touches. In order to work the deal in their favor, though they can produce no paperwork to back it up, they continue to say they told me the unit was “as-is.” Now, this seems like an easy lie to swat away, clearly the unit wasn’t sold as-is because they’ve built walls and things for me.

I did give in on the shower glass and the closets. That is what is currently raping my wallet, but one way or another it will be finished. As we enter what will possibly be the last week of construction, I’m hoping their team can finish and be out of my life. The more work they do, the more problems they create. A good example: The new doors they installed hang from a bar and slide. After two days, the bar began coming off the wall. The men came back and fixed the bar, only to screw the doors up. When you slide them together, you can now stick a pencil though the gap at the top. Oy!

In the midst of the condo wars my grandmother passed away. It was a rush of feelings. Sadness is the obvious one, but I have to say there was some relief. For a God fearing person, the last decade of her life has been filled with illness and a slow decent into the end. Shouldn’t God give his faithful followers a break? I mean, I don’t think he’s floating around up there, but isn’t belief all you need? The idea that she is no longer trapped in a hospice bed, suffering from another stroke, unable to care for herself seems much better than the continuation of life as-is. Oh as-is, the statement that continually screws.

It’s a new year. Things are going well, even with the above bitching crammed into a few paragraphs. The next few weeks are about getting back on track, working on new stories and getting 2016 out of my head.