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No You, Thank You.

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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break upIf you’re not officially dating, can you have a break-up? Or better, can you be dumped? I’ll say no, consider Scruffy and I only did whatever it was we were doing for a couple months. The other day when he called, I thought it was an opportunity to decompress and complain, it was actually a call-dumping/non-dumping.

Over the last two weeks I had an inkling things may not have been exactly working. Twice now, Scruffy sat me down to tell me what was wrong. This always has a way of really being what I’m doing wrong. Not to say it wasn’t my fault, I can’t help my behaviors, they’re me…and I love them.

But…the other night when he told me he wasn’t comfortable with me writing about him. I don’t really know how to handle the concept. You see, if you want to be with me, as I assume with all other people, you would need to enjoy all aspects. Mine is this silly little nothing of a blog. I was willing to leave him out, though this blog is excluded as every tale, no matter how short is in need of an ending.

None of this was dramatic. There was no fighting, yelling, crying or cruel words. It was a simple conversation which terminated a period of time. What makes it unfortunate is we had such a good time together. Clicking with people is rare. Well, maybe it was me having a good time clicking and Scruffy was only tolerating. I suppose I could ask what the true reason for the end is/was, and I believe I would be provided an answer, but it’s so much more interesting to let the mind wander.

With an invitation to remain friends, I’m accepting of the idea but know it will never happen. It’s the equivalent of someone saying, ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ You know it was you. I know we probably won’t ever hangout, unless Scruffy moves from the Bronx to Astoria, it’s likely we won’t even have a run-in. For now we can close the book on this chapter and the dating adventures continue.