That’s a Wrap

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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As a control freak, it’s necessary to define everyone and everything. It was only fitting that I ask Late Night exactly what we’re doing from his point of view. Was this dating, an extended hook-up, what? Sparing you the lengthy details, we’re just “having fun.” Oddly enough that put my mind at ease and removed all of the stress.

I shared the long version of this story with Foxxy Business and his work wife. She gave some interesting feedback that generally goes against my line of thinking: vulnerability. Throwing caution to the wind I decided to give it a try and see what would happen. Late Night was away for about a week. However, if he saw me on Grindr he made a point of jokingly telling me to get off. Which I interpreted as cute flirting. Then one night, while away, Late Night asked if I missed him. Now this really blurs the lines of just “having gun” and dating. With a great deal of reservation I offered a “yes” to his question.

Things continue on in this fashion for a few more days, Late Night comes back to the city, we hang out and everything is going fine. Then Friday comes along, and the Russian invites me to join him and some friends in Astoria for dinner and then meet his new kitty. I’ll pause to say, the kitty is so freakin’ adorable! While at dinner Late Night begins texting and asking what my plans are for later. It’s Friday, that means I’m going to be out with friends. He asks if I want to meet him out in HK around 11, again blurring the lines of just “having fun.” I agree and when it’s finally 11 and I’m leaving Astoria, I send a text to see where Late Night has landed. He tells me he’s home and it’s too late to go out. Buzzed and irritated that I’ve just ended my night early, I hop on the train and head home. With precision timing a text arrives as I come through the door. “I guess you’re not coming over.” I probably should have been less blunt, but I was frustrated and the text fell from my fingers, ” Not now. I was coming to hangout with you. Not sit on your couch. That does not constitute a fun Friday for me.” One last message was received, “Ok, wow. Have a good night.”

It’s been a few days and though I’ve been advised to reach out I’ve decided against that option. If one snarky comment is enough to chase Late Night off, then there’s no way he could handle me for an extended period. Plus, I’m annoyed that he would go cold text like that and bail. Even if there is a message in the future I’m thinking it would be best to ignore it and move on. Apparently, I was wrong and dating someone who falls into a different generation is not the best idea.