The Break-Up Sex

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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There’s a first time for everything. I’m no virgin, but once again something has come along that’s so titillating that I’m buzzing with excitement. For the first time, in all of my dating history, I’ve had the break-up sex.

It’s true! There have been other times that might seem to fit this description, but this is the real deal. There’ve been a few guys that I played the off and ever so exciting on again game with, falling in and out of the sack with them. What makes this time different from any of those is that when they were over… they were over like an old man without a prescription for viagra.

Shew and I have decided that we can remain friends, and I think we may be able to achieve this amazing feat (though I’m told it’s impossible). What we had was great except for the sexpectations. The jokes and Saturday outings were all fun and games, just like any friends would have. So, why can’t that remain even after the dating portion of the game has concluded?

Last Sunday, when coming back from Baltimore, I asked Shew if it would be okay to stay at his house. It was usually much easier than going back to Brooklyn, but this time had to be different. The bus made extra stops in the Chinatown of Brooklyn and then actually dumped me off in Chinatown where a fire was raging. There were no cabs and all of the trains were a million miles off. Arriving at Shew’s, I was tired and ready to cry. It was that special kind of frustrating that has you ready to throw yourself from a 6th story window.

Shew had been nice enough to grab food so I could eat upon arrival. We went to bed and there was a little bit of weirdness. He wanted a good night kiss, which I didn’t think was a big deal, so I gave him one. That turned into a longer kiss… and then a longer kiss… and then whoops a penis was in a mouth. This supports my idea that I’m better in the sex department when it’s a one time deal, because this was a one time deal. I don’t sleep with my friends.

So, with a ‘p’ to the ‘a’ we put the final nail and our relationship to rest. We are ready to proceed as friends!