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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Holidays are slightly different when you don’t live near family. For the most part traditions don’t interest me other than the gathering together. Fortunately, I have friends that fulfill this need. Thanksgiving really began on Wednesday and continued through Friday. The Animator who has been trapped within the confines of school has reemerged just long enough to partake of the fun. As one of my staple friends it has been unusual having him absent for so long. To compensate for the prolonged absence it became my mission to add a new friend to the circle.

Foxxy was originally The Animators friend and part of a couple that we occasionally encountered. Once Foxxy and his significant other split there was a need for The Animator to remain friends with both – separately. The down side of being friends with a couple is that when they break up one half of the couple will inevitably have to leave the group at some point. Only in very rare cases do both parties remain. Either things become awkward when one is dating or tension will come from someone still having some kind of interest in the other.

As of now Foxxy has officially become the fourth friend in my circle. Why am I placing such importance on this? Having a close knit circle of friends has always been a top priority. Three is the perfect number of friends as one is always available and no one ever ends up being left out. This comes from a decade of moving, making friends and then moving again just to start from square one.

A little bit about Foxxy as he is new to the mix and no one knows much about him. As I mentioned, he was originally one of The Animators friends, but fits well into our group. We have a lot of similar personality traits and he’s the only friend who drinks beer as well! It’s nice to not be the only one without vodka in my cup – minor details matter. The nickname Foxxy actually came from a group vote. Which means my habit of naming people has been adopted by my friends and that I only have a quarter of the vote. Didn’t see that one coming.

Speaking of nicknames and committee voting – Shew has been dating a guy and The Animator took it upon himself to begin the naming process. I voted for Shooter as he is in television production and it has a nice play off of Shew. However, through the damn committee vote and The Animator’s cousin, Noodles’, extra vote we have settled upon Twinkle Toes, much to Shew’s displeasure. This came from a house party on Thursday evening where Twinkle Toes was bustin’ move to one of those Wii dancing games.

I’m not sure TT will be around for long as he isn’t fond of us outside of Shew. Though Shew doesn’t seem to realize he is beginning to exhibit the dating traits similar to my own. Lord help him!

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