The Distance

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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A typical relationship involves two people. You know, they typically live in the same state, city, or possibly house. These are the standard dynamics of dating.

Then there’s me and Baltimore. He lives, you know where, and I live in Puerto Rico. Typically. Though it seems these days I never find myself going home. I am just about in every other imaginable place than home.

This spring, I believe it’s still spring, I’ve been in Spain to focus on Spanish studies. I can honestly say I’m enjoying the change in scenery. The old cities, the easy commute around the country by train, and the drastically different culture. Everything about this place is great, except the dog business on the sidewalk. Why does nobody pick up the poop?!

One of my longer term goals, as in something I’d like to complete by the time I’m 35, is to live in Spain, though I haven’t settled on a city. With current visa rules, I can spend another five or so weeks here after this trip to focus on my studies. I’ve run the idea by Baltimore, which he wasn’t opposed to, though I’m not sure he loves the idea. I think the amount of time I spend off on my own is a little on the difficult side than he lets on.

The semi-awkward conversation led me to wonder what it will mean to actually make the move. I’m not certain Baltimore would be willing to stick around with an ocean between us. I’ve mentioned wanting to move in passing, not entirely sure how serious he is taking my commentary.

If I move, am I committing to return to single life, or would Baltimore be willing to uproot his life? Oh, couple life. We’ll see what happens, but I have a feeling there will be more to say on this in the future.