The Planets All Aligned

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It’s been an interesting few months. To be honest I could leave it at that, shut the laptop and go to bed. There have been several times since November that I sat down to write something and it suddenly seemed pointless. This stems from a few unfortunate events that mentally derailed me from my projected path.

On a routine visit to the dermatologist for a quick mole-snipping it was discovered that a patch of melanoma was in the early growth stages on my back. The news was not all that jolting considering the amount of tanning that I did once upon a time. Those teen years will always come back to haunt you in one  way or another. That news led to cuts, stitches and more spots that needed to be removed. I’m on par with the acceptable amount of vanity when it comes to societal norms and having scars left isn’t something I want to tolerate. To date I am healed and on hold before I will allow the doctor and his scalpel back into my life.

Then came the holidays and travel disasters. The holiday storms made getting back to Brooklyn a nightmare, but I had B. Brown along for the ride and managed to make the trek. Our trip wasn’t as incredible as those in the past. I’ve come to a point where I’m not too old to act young and too young to act old. However, I have adopted the old act fairly well. B. Brown and I went at each other twice during her trip. It turns out that when one person wants to have a good time drinking and the other just wants to have a good time sitting at the bar things will fall apart. We managed to survive and things are good, but it left me feeling like I’m the “mother” figure to more people than I would like to admit.

What has to be the most shocking of all events took place this past weekend. I packed my things into neat brown boxes, climbed into a truck and said goodbye to Brooklyn. Transit cuts, cold weather and a demanding job have forced me into the city where I am conveniently located no more than two blocks from everything. Considering I have advocated on behalf of Brooklyn and why it is superior to the other boroughs, I feel a bit guilty throwing in the towel and making the move. It is with luck that my apartment has an elevator and an amazing tub to soothe my concerns and allow me to carry on with life.

In a nutshell that’s everything that has been going on these past few months. I do however feel a new page being turned in my life and new adventures to come. With my new apartment comes and extra three hours a day that no longer have to be spent commuting. It is my duty to fill these hours with adventures!