The point is, what?

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I would guess my twenties dating life is pretty typical. Go on a date, text back and forth, wonder what the other person really means. Always looking for the subtext, even if there was none to be found. Spending obscene amounts of time chasing people who aren’t chasing you, or only chase you until they find “the one.”

It has been a long time since I’ve actually dated. I’ve gone on a few dates, but each of those is a one-time deal, mainly resulting in friendships. This is not a complaint, some great friends have come from dates which fell flat.

As of now there is a gentleman who is expressing what I believe to be genuine interest. He is nice, handsome and thinks I’m hilarious. That last one is important, because I’m fairly certain I’m a riot.

None of those questions from twenty-year-old me are arising. I know what he wants, what he’s thinking and what his intentions are. The question I find myself asking is why?

People date for a number of reasons. Some people pair up to avoid being lonely. I cherish every moment of my alone time. If you give me the option of alone at home or out with people, home wins every time. There is no more FOMO here.

Then you have people who couple up for financial security. This is a good and vapid reason. I’m certainly not rich, but I have my checking account together and don’t need someone else’s income to survive. Fortunately.

Then there are the love people. The people who say they are so in love, they just can’t imagine life without the other person. I don’t even love wine to such an extent. I really love wine. If you or wine were being held hostage and I could only save one, you’re probably going to die.

My question is what is the point of dating if there’s nothing you want or need from another person. You must factor in I am about as emotion as a bee while it’s stinging you. I can work myself into a frenzy, do some good angry, but when it comes to cute or lovey stuff I haven’t a clue.

This is more of an open ended or TBD post, as this is the concept rattling around my brain. Why date? Seriously, tell me, why are you dating, what does it do for you?