The Power of Words

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It’s time to stop talking about people from the past. Apparently, there’s something happening right now that makes people appear. On Thursday evening it just so happened that Paul the Pilot appeared at the bar my friends and I were visiting. Literally moments before this I had been talking about how he was a big old tease that never made a move.

Shew was the first to notice him as Paul the Pilot walked behind us. We said hello and he mentioned how whenever we run into one another he doesn’t notice me. Thank you. Thank you for pointing out that I don’t stand out in a crowd. To my point that the Pilot is a big tease. We are standing there watching the show when he starts rubbing my shoulders, leans in and asks, “Whose your daddy?” Are you for real?! One – no one is anybody’s daddy here. Two – you could attempt to be if you actually made a move! Shocking side note: Guy on stage literally pulls off his pants and shows everyone his business.

Thirty minutes later we were leaving and I noticed the Pilot was in the back of the bar talking to the underwear-less wonder. He later claimed that he had no idea that was the guy from the stage. We all know that he found the kid, talked to him and in the back of his mind thought – this should be easy.

The next night I was exhausted from not being able to sleep and only stayed out for a few hours. We celebrated Foxxy Business’ birthday in Queens at this great little restaurant, Queens Comfort. Eating fried chicken and waffles is amazing! Getting home early I was on the sofa and unwinding in preparation for bed. Who sends me a text… Delta. I had spoken about him with Foxxy Business a few hours earlier and here he comes out of nowhere.

Delta wanted to go grab a drink but there was no way I could pull myself off the sofa. He suggested he come over with drinks. I said yes, of course. Here he comes and he’s obviously interested in a booty call but trying to play it off as if he was just over for a beer. Moving things along I made the first move and got the ball rolling. Ten minutes later I was falling asleep and told Delta it wasn’t happening. I did offer him a chance to take care of things on his own in the bathroom. Though I was passing out it looked like he stormed out of the apartment. Being the good date that I am, I didn’t call of text to make sure he as ok.

Lesson from this week – If you talk about them they will come… kind of.