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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Last night was Foxxy Business’ annual Oktobertefest, no that’s not a typo. An interesting night to say the least. My personal highlight had to be Business’ friend Nissi. She comes up to me at the beginning of the party, “I know you.” Really when someone says that to me it can go either way. It turned out she remembered that I have a habit of running my mouth and commentating on everyone/everything. She did take pause to ask if I was going to be able to control myself when the plus sized guests arrived. I’m not cruel, I know how to just use facial expressions to judge.

The party had a little bit of everything. A variety of pumpkin flavored beers, straight guys trapped in a room of gays, and Business getting sliced up by sugar laced with shards of glass – that’s some serious diet action. After a few hours the Animator began to text and just happened to be down the street at a mutual friend’s party. Once they realized that Shew was not with me, an invitation was extended and I navigated the foreign land of Queens.

There are only two things worth noting about the second party. One: I had to correct the story of what really happened with Shew two times, plus a few times at the first party. Two: The Russian was there and as I was leaving says, “I’d like to see more of you.” I assume that means the obvious, but then again you never really know what someone’s thinking. Also, I have no idea how intoxicated anyone was since I arrived to that party pretty late in comparison.

Trying to escape back to the city I managed to get the Animator and myself lost, piling into a cab for rescuing. Once back in the city I realized I’d had much more to drink than originally intended. As we stood in the center of Industry and the room began to spin, the most appropriate song was played. Oops…I did it again! Gay – yes. Amazing – more yes. Leaving on a high note, I had one final move in me for the evening. Mr. Kitty was getting a text whether he liked it or not. Having heard from him the night before at a point too late to go out, I was a little riled that he makes it so difficult to hangout. The point being, life is easy, stop making this shit so hard. Those are the drunken words of wisdom that I left him with before crawling onto the sofa and sinking into unconsciousness. Like I said, it was an interesting night.

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