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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Lately, it’s not felt worth the effort to share what’s going on as it’s all the same old thing. A fling with Late Night, a new boy, a new tattoo, a first piercing…it’s the same thing I’ve been sharing for years.

Now I have something new to talk about, more than a thousand miles away from “the same old thing.” As I mentioned for months, possibly to deaf ears, the goal was to avoid another horrible New York winter by moving the San Juan, Puerto Rico. Where the beaches and bars are not only open year round, but so are the windows! With an average winter temperature in the high seventies, it’s hard to see this as a bad decision. Will I miss the below zero days of February in the city? Not even a little.

Having arrived, it did take four days before I actually made it to the beach. It was kind of amazing to be stepping into the warm waters of the ocean in November when I should be bundling up with sweaters and scarves. Okay, I will miss scarves, mainly because they’re awesome. Sunscreen, shades and shorts aren’t the typical for this time of year…until now! Hello, new winter lifestyle.

Give me a week and it’s likely the homesick feeling will set in, I mean, there’s already some withdrawal. Starbucks is a mile away (on foot), the grocery store has none of the regular foods, I don’t speak the local language and people are nice. Yes, nice. This throws me off the most. You know to avoid people in the city who engage you as they are clearly out to get something. Here, everyone smiles and speaks to one another. I don’t know who to avoid or be weary of, it’s a complete shift in reality. I’m the only New York asshole! I have met several people from Jersey while here, no idea why, but even they’re obnoxiously nice.

So, it begins with me and my pussy cat in a new location for the next five months. If we were a television show, this would be our attempt to garner higher ratings with an on location shoot.