Third Time’s a Charm

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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There are moments in life when u want to pull your hair out and then there are the times when you want to pull other people’s hair out. Today however I felt like beating a man to death, or at least until he cried like a bitch.
My roomie woke me up early this morning to see if I wanted to ride the train into the city with her. Having not slept for two days I wasn’t interested in doing anything. I slept for another three hours, when I heard this odd banging. I pulled myself out of bed and walked into her bedroom. I literally shouted, “What the f#ck!”
I cannot even begin to describe the amount of surprise I felt when I saw a man climbing through the window over the fire escape. He had pushed it out of the frame and was halfway in when I stumbled onto him. I sprinted back to my room to call the cops, he ran up the fire escape. I returned to the window, the guy was long gone. Ten minutes later the cops were at my apartment for the third time in the last thirty-three days for a burglary.
I won’t lie, I’m totally proud of myself for chasing the douche nozzle off. Either he thought we were gone, or he’s not watching us very closely. Had I left with my roomie I doubt she would have come home to her flat screen television. If you recall we were robbed twice in August. We both lost our laptops and she lost an iPod and digital camera. I got on the phone and called our apartment manager. I have had enough, I told him I want bars on the windows or we’re moving out. 
You may be wondering why we didn’t move after the second robbery? Well, we installed the super expensive locks, which our friend the burglar must have noticed, considering this time he decided to come in the window. Also, we live in New York City and moving is one of the hardest and most expensive things you can do. It’s almost as hard as finding a job, considering I’ve been looking for three months and still can’t get hired. 
I can’t say this hasn’t fueled my paranoia. I don’t want to leave our apartment for fear that we’ll come home to nothing. I also don’t understand why out of six units in this one building we are the only one that ever gets burglarized and it’s happening every two weeks. I used to think it was one of our neighbors, but most didn’t live in the building when this all started happening. There is also the fact that he went up the fire escape, rather than down it. The cops suggest that it’s someone coming across the roof tops from another building, comforting. 
I’m more upset over the fact that I broke the head phones for my iPod today. I know, how messed up are my priorities? Honestly, having lost my laptop I could care less what they take, but I don’t want my roomie’s shit getting stolen. It almost makes me want to leave this city, but I won’t. Even though I keep getting my ass kicked, bruised and bandaged I just can’t move away.