R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Halloween. The night of all nights when it comes to mischief. 
When B. Brown and I set out I was on the tired side. This was our third night out in a row. Lately I’ve been all about work and home, which means one night out is exhausting. Three beers and we were out the door to meet the Animator. We got into the city just after the parade had ended, which made for an interesting commute.
The first place we stopped at had a good crowd, and I give it two thumbs up because the incredible hot delivery guy literally felt my business. When you’re that hot I’m not going to tell you no until later. The Animator got us out in one piece and we met up with two of his heavily intoxicated friends. I realized at this point I had hit a wall. My early buzz had worn off and was stopping me from reaching optimal drunkenness. 
The Animator’s friends were nice. So nice in fact that the guy came back to introduce himself to me three different times, not once getting my name right. We followed them to a house party in a typical New York apartment. The room was the size of an area rug and thirty people were crammed in there. We lasted all of five minutes before heading back into the rain. 
I insisted that we stop at View bar. I was overjoyed to see it was open. Iago, the bane of my existence, informed me about a month ago that the health department had closed it. I don’t know if that was true or a sick joke. Inside there wasn’t a single dick in sight. Chugging our drinks we were once again off.
We stopped for food at B. Brown’s request. She was pacing herself on the drinks after her experience from last night. It seems that vomiting is not as thrilling as bulimics make it out to be. I hate to admit but I was still checking my phone every two minutes to see if London had messaged. Finally, he did, an update on where he was and the plan for the night.
With the knowledge that I would be seeing London, and our tummies full, we moved on. Posh was the next place we landed. It was an interesting crowd to say the least. We drank and danced while this much older man tried to get in between B. Brown and myself. I wouldn’t allow it. I yanked her away and we were out the door. I was pretty much done at this point, never really achieving a hard-on for Halloween.
The Animator stayed behind while we stopped in at a straight bar. Well, we thought it was a straight bar. B. Brown tried to hit on two of the guys at the bar, but they turned out to be playing for my team. As we left London text to say he would be home shortly and I should come over. This was the moment that I met my Halloween disappointment. I had to work in the morning and that meant not staying out all night. I didn’t like it but I had to tell him no.
B. Brown told me to go see him, but it was too late. I received several messages from him telling me to get my behind in gear, but I had to be responsible. I regret not going over, but the good news is that he will be back in December. I can’t be certain things will pan out, but at least there is a second chance for me to get my fill of London.