To Crush a Crush

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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A crush is like having the flu. You don’t really know when or where you picked it up, how long it will last, and there’s no sure fire way to make it go away.

Originally my crush on Mr. Kitty had faded away due to lack of interaction. That changed two weeks ago when I attended a friend’s holiday party. I knew Mr. Kitty was going to be at the party because he made a point of letting me know via text. This wasn’t the motivation for attending, most of my friends were going so it was mandatory fun time. About an hour or so in I was heading out of the party for a short break while passing Mr. Kitty on the steps. As I had my focus on getting outside, I said a quick hello and kept on my way. He then text to ask if I was coming back.

Eventually I made my way back into the party, wet from rain and my glasses a streaky mess. Mr. Kitty and I ended up chatting most of the evening, from the living room to the bedroom. When I was finally ready to leave and hit the bar with my friends I said a quick goodbye. Much to my surprise, Mr. Kitty stole a kiss. It was odd because to be honest I have really not been getting a vibe that there was any interest on his part. It was also shocking because I’m not a public affection person – scratch that, I am a no affection of any type person.

This of course kicked my brain into ‘think mode.’ Meaning, I get girl brain and begin asking myself what everything meant and of course the worst thing happened… my crush returned full force. Over the next two weeks Mr. Kitty would pretty much vanish until last weekend when I was intoxicated and sent a message and then yesterday when out of the blue he asked if I was going away for Christmas. Questions that seem to show interest, but I can decipher if it’s that or just general boredom on his part. So of course I provided what I thought to be clever answers that did not encourage the continuation of the conversation.

This is part of my person crush detox. I hate the feeling of a crush, it’s annoying and similar to the feeling of a rash. So, my process is to personally not engage, nor set up conversations like the above mentioned in a way where the other person can easily engage. Second, I talk to my friends that are in relationships and ask them to tell me all of the miserable details. Ray Ray shared that she and her boyfriend never have sex, never go out, sit in front of the television and basically do nothing but rot away. It’s soothing to know.

Like I said, there’s no sure fire way to get rid of a crush, but the mind games I play with myself seem to be doing the trick.

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