Trial by Stupidity

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I’ve dated and “dated” my fair share of individuals. What I’ve learned is that there are several types of guys, but in they end they all come from the same mold. Stick with me on this – I have a point.

The Lover: This is the guy that wants to give you the world. He’s sweet and attentive. It’s even cute for about three minutes. By the time my coffee cup is empty it’s getting old. They want to love, hug and suck the life out of you by interjecting themselves into every crevasse that is you. What ultimately will turn into an ugly break up can result in snowballs being thrown at windows. Trust me on this one.

The Liar: Not the, “I love you,” lie. This is the guy that seems to be on the up and up but is actually banging a bunch of bar skanks behind your back. The only thing good here is the bedroom time, but keep in mind this gentleman has serviced more people than an In and Out Burger.

The Game Player: This one is a personal favorite. You never really know what’s going on because he seems like a good guy, but is unavailable or always disconnected in some way. You’ll easily be turned into the crazy person that can’t stop sending texts and leaving voicemails. This one is dangerous not only to your mental health but also your reputation. The Game Player always knows everyone and when you’re done there’s at least six months of running into people that “know” you.

The Open Guy: He loves and wants to be with you. The only thing is he needs to be getting his rocks off with a few other people each week. But he loves you because you’re waiting at home. Are you kidding me?

Now we come to my point. Men are creatures of habit, and that habit just so happens to be hanging between their legs. So, with the passing of the gay marriage bill in New York I’m asking, why? Never have I met a gay man that wasn’t below average in the attractive area that wanted to truly commit to another person. In fact, I can compile a list of those that claimed to be in a committed relationship and then cheated or left all together.

This marriage thing had a place in society… in the distant past, but really has no place in modern society. The only people who need to get married are the gold diggers that refuse to get off theirs asses and work for a living. To further prove my point I am counting the days until the first gay couple in New York gets divorced. They will effectively prove my point that no marriage can last and that investing time in such an endeavor was a waste of their time and my tax dollars.