R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It seems that first dates have been going well…the few I’ve had over the past year. Because they all go so well, it is beginning to appear that everyone is showing their poker face on date one, while holding out until date two to be themselves. This has proven true for a few gentlemen.

Example: There was a guy I met a few weeks back for coffee, plans for the second date were extended and then never executed upon. Would it be so terrible to not make plans for a second date and just say something like, ‘I’m not interested’?

And a week or so back the first date with yet to be named, person X, went extremely well. We shared a bottle of wine in the Village and chatted for a few hours. I was probably overly chatty on date one. In truth, I began boxing up my apartment earlier in the day and needed a glass of wine to calm myself. A single glass turned into one full bottle…it’s only a problem when other people start making excuses for you. Like I said, things went well, the date ending with me receiving a kiss on the cheek. I usually don’t swoon, but it was a cute gesture and a refreshing change from the usual guys that go right for the zipper.

When the second date rolled around, I was eager to see person X again. Again, meeting to share a bottle of wine, we hit a couple of places, me making the mistake of selecting a random bar which turned out to be inside a Koreatown hotel, but it did make for interesting conversation as we were the only non-tourists. In a bold gesture, and to escape our bar selection disaster, I was invited to have a drink at X’s place, to which I consented and followed his lead to the UWS.

What was remarkable, other than us having plenty to talk about, was X’s collection of old school records (Actual vinyl). It’s like we were having a date fifty years in the past – yes, this appeals to me. It was different and unusually comfortable. A stark contrast to many of the individuals I’ve gone out with and discussed in exhausting detail.

I’m assuming there will be a third date as I’m looking forward to one. If there’s not then I definitely deserve an uncomfortable text message stating why. My theory is that the first date is a sham and the second date is now the new first date that counts for something.