UPS: We Hate You

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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unreliable-people-suck“The customer is always right” is a slogan stemming from retailers: Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker and Marshall Field. What these individuals did not realize was their quest to provide excellent customer service would transform the world of shoppers into demanding, selfish jerks.

I’m no exception. I want what I want, when I want it and it should have arrived yesterday. Online shopping has made the convenience of shopping even better. No annoying salesperson to pester you, browse all you like and then be rewarded with free shipping and discounts.

In a quest to save money I looked at my biggest expenses: Coffee and Wine. Wine is easy to cut out on the weekdays…not so much on the weekends. And coffee is easy to save on when I make it at home. Still wanting my lattes, I ordered the Starbucks Verismo. This is where my troubles began.

Tracking the UPS delivery online it said “delivered”…but no box had come. It turned out the delivery driver had left the box by the building door and someone opened it, took the contents and left behind the box. I have to question the intelligence of anyone that thinks you can leave a box on a NYC sidewalk and it won’t be gone within minutes.

When the store sent me a new one I insisted they have the box signed for and it come from FedEx. The second delivery went off without a hitch and nothing was stolen. My money saving plan was now in progress. But the Verismo only comes with ten espresso pods. This meant I had to buy more at Starbucks or order them. Online had a great deal meaning I’d be stocked until September. Putting the order in I started tracking the package with obsession.

The first day the box said it was out for delivery the driver came while I was at the gym. He left the note on the door, though he marked it as the second attempt. I was home all day the day prior and never did anyone ring my buzzer – there’s no way this was the second attempt. But this meant the next day would be his final attempt before forcing me to fetch the box from the Uptown warehouse. Having an appointment that would surely mean missing the delivery I paid the five dollar fee to move the date to a specific date and time. The day and time came and went without a delivery.

Frustrated, I called UPS to find out what was going on with the package. They admitted a screw up. My box was put on a shelf and the warehouse manager didn’t reprocess, meaning if I didn’t call it would likely sit there forever. Their first suggestion was I come get the box. No. Then they explained why they couldn’t refund the fee I paid even though they admitted fault and hadn’t delivered the package. I was also informed how there is pretty much one driver per street in my neighborhood. This inspired me to share with the manager what had happened with the last box. He acted concerned but I’m sure didn’t care.

I was promised the box would be marked urgent and delivered first thing the next day. When it finally came it was after seven and the guy left it outside the door again. Luckily, I went down to take out my trash and found the box. Either the driver hates me or is just truly bad at his job. He doesn’t ring the bell, doesn’t bring you the package and lies about the delivery attempts.

After all of this I am all about using FedEx – at least they care enough to get you the package. Grrr.

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  1. I know this is how they work but it is way worse international. They charge you with ridiculous fees. I once paid for an item $50 usd and the fee was over $120 usd! They even said to lessen the fee they could cut a bit of the clothes (paying $20 usd to do so) so the final fee would be around $75 usd! WTF!

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