Verismo: Efforts in Frugality

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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VerismoAt this point Starbucks is an obsession within my and many people’s lives. It’s not even that you want the cup of coffee or the latte that badly, but a habit of going to a coffee shop day after day for more than ten years is a hard habit to break.

That was until I began doing the math on how much money I was drinking each month. A grande skinny vanilla latte in NYC costs $4.83, assuming you’re not adding any extras.

When you get one or two a day, each and every day, that comes out to a minimum of $1,762.95 a year.

Enter: Verismo. I’d seen the machines in Starbucks before and never paid much attention. Deciding that I either had to give up the daily latte or learn to make them at home I decided to purchase one…being realistic, there’s no way I can give up coffee cold turkey. Bed Bath & Beyond was offering Verismo online for $99 and you can use the always popular 20% off coupon they send out on the daily.

The machine arrived, a sleek little black thing that fits nicely within my limited counter space. Now, the instructions looked about as user friendly as what you get from any piece of IKEA furniture. Following the steps I pushed the button, but no water came out as indicated. Several tries later, still no water, I headed for YouTube and a training video. They were doing exactly what I was. One more attempt and eureka!

Now that I have two weeks under my belt I’m a pro at brewing the espresso pods, mixing the drink myself and enjoying a latte without the walk to the store [though it’s only two blocks away in case of emergency]. The new daily cost of my latte comes out to around $0.89 when you factor in milk and the sugar free vanilla flavoring.

Overall, the Verismo was worth the investment, even if the initial setup was a little painful. #Cheers