Visit and a Vomit

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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11056558_10204722593733803_7837915106747183688_n There’s always a certain level of stress when someone comes to visit, and an old friend from Utah is no different. In fact, Mandee’s visit may have been more stressful seeing as it’s been many years since we’ve spent much time together. Our hay-day was nearly ten years ago, I’m different after so much time and it was safe to assume she would be as well.

It turns out, turning back into a twenty-one year old isn’t so hard. Ten years ago we were hitting bars and clubs, we did the same during this trip though most nights were over by eleven. Brunch is a tradition we didn’t celebrate weekly in the past, also Utah has no concept of what an unlimited brunch means. Mandee thought I was implying the food was unlimited, to her surprise it was the drinks. Though it caught up with me as the waiter showed no mercy and the strength of the drinks eventually sent me home, face down to my proper place before the toilet.

Oh, memories, past and present. Before my evening ended it was only appropriate to drunk text the current love interest. However, this was an epic fail as a joke was translated in my drunk mind, setting the phone on fire. I may have misinterpreted the joke as labeling me a whore, for which I did apologize the following morning for an overreaction, but firmly stand by my claim of living a whore free…or at least a whore lite lifestyle. Meaning, if I’m a whore, I’m the Diet Coke of whores.

As Mandee’s short journey came to an end and our bodies were sore from play and my head was sore from alcohol, we said goodbye. It just so happens that a decade doesn’t have to change things between people, we can freeze a relationship when there’s thousands of miles between and pick up and go when the opportunity presents.11800392_10204723020544473_2362173936064176828_n