Ways to Die Alone

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Walls and defense mechanism are some of my favorite things, right up there with friends and wine. There are few places that I don’t worry too much about being defensive because it’s not usually necessary. One such place is the gym, until now.

I’m sharing this before I forget. About a week back a guy was giving me the head nods and smiles, I assumed he was cruising for a blowjob in the locker room so I ignored him and went about my workout. Having not run into him since, he faded from my mind. Today, wouldn’t you know, he appears at the gym again…come to think of it the last time I saw him was also on a Monday. Note: Go to the gym one hour later on Monday.

Heading for the stairs to finish off the day’s cardio, we came face to face and I could tell his lips were forming the words, “How are you?” My earbuds do an excellent job of blocking out most sounds, except the annoying grunty man. Being a bitch is one thing, but I have proper manners, I stopped, paused the music and responded. Then he dropped a line on me, “Your workout looks intense, but it’s working.” This was accompanied by a full body glance. Usually I would have a smart remark to comeback with, but not being in the defense zone I was caught off guard. Party grossed out by the line, and also partly flattered because when you’re dripping with sweat, red in the face and out of breath it’s not the best of all looks.

At that point he seemed to be fishing towards that point where a phone number may be asked for. Being enough in my right mind to sense that I excused myself quickly and made to a section of treadmills that ensured I wasn’t alone and would discourage further conversation.

There was a brief moment at the very end of my workout where we were also alone, but I was contorted into a stretch and when he began talking I smiled and gave a head nod. I’m not exactly sure the message it conveyed, mainly I was hoping for, “Please go away,” which is what happened so that worked out.

This kind of makes me laugh because it’s not that often people approach others…aside from in social apps which are not exactly real life. Of course, this even more rare as guys are usually not too quick to approach me, mainly because I try to have bitch face at all times. So as I do my best to not play in the gym dating pool it’s one more way to ensure I creep towards that ever dreaded permanent alone.