While You Were Gone IIII

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It’s a bit funny, or perhaps interesting is a better phrasing, how so many things become true over time. When you’re young and people tell you time will pass quickly as you age. It’s crazy true. Time is flying by, faster and faster. It seems like we just did New Year’s Eve, and the New Year’s Eve before that. Alas, here we are once more, and as is tradition, I shall give you a lowdown on what’s transpired.

Today, I released my second novel of 2017. Which marks my ninth in total, and fourth since your passing. It is the first time I’ve ever completed and released two books in a single year. These two being somewhat more meaningful as they were individually started two and three years ago. Finally, they are out in the world.

Books aside, I think the trip to Italy was the highlight of 2017. There is something about seeing locations, monuments and all the things once only available to me in history books come to life. I want more Europe in my life, and tomorrow marks one year down, four to go, until I fully intend to move to Spain. Fingers crossed they get their civil issues under control before then.

Within all the fun and games, which seem to be less time consuming and interesting as I reflect, there is the one dark spot of 2017. The hurricanes. Honestly, it’s a good thing you’re gone, else you would have had a stroke. I can now say I’ve lived through back to back storms, category three and four. The time offline was a bit of a stretch for my sanity, but having no contact with the world, I can only imagine how that would have gone over for you. Be glad you missed this, it wasn’t fun, and I hope everyone is correct in saying another storm of such magnitude won’t come for twenty years. I think they’re wrong, believing in global warming and such, but one can hope they aren’t.

So, you didn’t miss all that much this year. Nothing life altering has taken place. You’ve missed the everyday, bullshit that is life. Which is probably the worst part to miss, because isn’t that all life really is at the end of the day? Anyway, there is a party to get ready for and a bucket of coffee to consume to ensure I’m not in bed by 10:00pm. Okay, one thing changed this year, I started requiring a huge amount of sleep to function. It’s the best thing ever.