You’re a Dick

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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New Yorkers are thought of as being rude by the outside world, and to a certain degree it happens to be true. Even more so in the gay world because we spend our time being dicks to each other and snubbing those we don’t know.

Last night I was reminded how painful gays can be when our entire crew, gays and straights, went to Boxers in Chelsea for happy hour. We’ve not been in a while and it’s where my friends decided to start the evening. Arriving a little bit late I got in line behind some random man at the bar. He was a good bit taller than myself, making it impossible for the bartender to see me until he was ready to move.

From the right another guy appears, pushing his shoulder in front of me in a standoff to try and beat me to the bar. As it happens, the guy ahead of me turns and they start talking and the stranger trying to nudge me out tells the one ahead he’s “hot.” Now the problem is he’s got an in and an easy opportunity to force me out of the way.

When the guy ahead of me does finally move, because people are dicks and clog the bar without letting anyone in between to put in orders while they clearly have drinks, I jolted forward and took my place at the bar. The guy who tried to nudge in taps me and claims he was there first and tells me to move. I declare I was there first, when the one originally ahead of me backs up the other guy. Which results in me getting an attitude, he’s only taking his side because he hit on the guy and he actually never turned all the way around to even know if I was there or not.

Of course, it quickly devolves and “fuck off” comes right out of my mouth. The guy did back down but it wouldn’t have mattered, I wasn’t moving either way. This could all have been avoided if gays could act like human beings when standing at the bar, or like logical people, go sit at a table or stand in one of the many spots available away from the bar. But no, we crowd in with friends, block people out and act like dicks to each other.

Not that I’m any better, I don’t play well with others, but damn it gets old.