You’re Cheap

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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StripWith my financial demise on the horizon, I find it impossible to pass up a night out, even if it means skipping future meals to participate. If nothing else, it’s better to enjoy the chaos and dealing with the consequences later.

The Russian has a friend visiting from out of state, a friend that was originally from New York, so showing her a good time was a must. Meeting at a dive bar in the East Village where a round of drinks was only $20 and people felt comfortable enough to take a shit and text in a very public restroom. My friends, we had hit the jackpot of hole-in-the-wall bars, like something right out of the past you can only enjoy in television sitcoms today: Blue and Gold Tavern.

The Russian’s friend was perfectly pleasant, though I’m not sure we hit it off. I don’t understand why people move away from New York, having clawed my way into the city, it seems mad to throw it away for a place like San Francisco. The creators of South Park nailed SF on the head in this clip:

Be it so say, I think asking why she moved was a turnoff as our conversations didn’t cross paths again. Though I did gain some respect for her when I learned she banged a black guy in the bar bathroom. And to make things even better, the guy wasn’t recently married. Talk about go big or go home, she went as big as she could for this home-cumming.

ThugsThe scary part is that this all happened within the first hour of our evening, around nine or ten. The fact that I arrived home at five, which should have been six, with daylight savings time coming to an end, is somewhat incredible. Between Larrymore, the Russian and I, every gay bar and neighborhood was hit, only admitting defeat when we were unable to find an after hours club. So, I’m making it my mission to reconnect with the people I was hanging around five years ago to ensure this situation does not happen again.

One other small factor that came to light was somewhere around bar three or four, right before Business and his friend from LI parted ways with us. The friend, who we all like, may or may not be a closet case, not that it would matter. My stance is that he’s not ready to deal with the concept of being gay, if there’s anything to be dealt with; Larrymore thinks perhaps the friend is in “love” with Business, which could be possible, we all know Business is pretty. That would also explain why the friend is so willing to deal with out ridiculous shenanigans and drive all the way into the city. That, or we really are as fun as we believe.

We’ll have to watch and see how things play out with this one, but what I can say is that while I’m figuring out my financial messiness, I need to find a way to save money that doesn’t inhibit fun or stand in the way of friend time. Challenge extended.