You’re Your Mother’s Son

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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My Mom loved the Brooklyn Bridge - it was our bridge.Two hours ago my dad called. He was hesitant and said he had something he wished he didn’t have to tell me. I knew by the tone he was going to say someone had died. What I could never have prepared for was him telling me my mom died last night.

Even typing the phrase is surreal. To say that I was close to my mom would be a tragic understatement. We spoke on the phone every day, every single day. Except yesterday, she called and I didn’t answer. I was at a dinner party enjoying myself and didn’t want to step away. My dad said he spoke with her last night and she was a mess. Was she just having a bad day or did she know something was about to happen?

It turns out my mom had terminal lung cancer. Which explains why she has lost so much weight over the past year. I feel like a shit because more than once I told her to go to the doctor because it could be cancer. Jokes on me, it was. But before we go farther into the hole of sadness that this is, and deal with her estate…

I want to remember the amazing things about my mom. She was the strongest, toughest person I ever knew. She always pushed me to do whatever I wanted and never let people get in the way. We are so much alike that we’re practically the same person. I know I made her proud because she often told me. I’m glad I dedicated my first book to my parents. I’m glad she got to experience New York because of me. Most of all I’m glad that we had a short twenty-eight years together. I will always miss her.

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  1. I sure did love your Mom. She will be missed for sure. I know my Mom’s heart is broken. She spoke with your Mom almost everyday. She sure loves her. You will see her again. This life is a short one, eternity is forever.

  2. Both me and my husband Danny were just devistated to hear about her passing. She will be missed. Danny misses their daily phone calls. You and your family will always be in our thoughts and prayers.